here You would have thought that you couldn’t go wrong with a burrata salad, assuming the produce is well sourced.

go to link That is until it’s served on a wooden block, with a lovely oozing pesto dressing. And that’s before cutting into the deliciously soft-centred burrata…\"/neurontin\" Good job I didn’t put the white jeans on today! 😆

Other than this minor hiccup (or major if you’re wearing white jeans!), the food is tasty, coffee delicious and the customer service at ease with their space. They happily played with people’s kids to keep them out of the way of other customers while still noticing others’ nods for bills or more water. Kind of refreshing.

A French menu leaning heavily on the poulet options (I refer to their name and a nod at the logo of a hen), including a stand alone roast chicken menu with numerous side dishes to choose from. The family behind me had most of the options and the kids were entertained by sharing at the table.

The Hutch take their coffee seriously and provide regular workshops and tastings for aficionados.

Light and bright with free wifi and basement parking right opposite the Burj Al Arab, this could be a winning mix.