go to site I first did this walk when I was 14, in plimsolls.

go site I have done it a few more times since we moved back to the Middle East and I have to say it’s barren beauty at 3000m never fails to amaze.

http://trulyyoursjen.com/2016/02/710/?shared=email The walk starts right at the top of the mountain – to get there its a steady 45 minutes drive from Al Hamra. The wadi at the base as you start the ascent is really beautiful and as you climb up the steep and windy road it peters out to a gravel track about two thirds of the way up – for some reason the tarmac starts again as you reach the summit.

The signs on the way up are very clear and once you reach the end of the road you come to a stop in front of a little hamlet of houses – this is the ‘car park’.

The villagers are sure to come out all smiling to sell their locally handmade rugs, bracelets and keychains. We usually take some extra goodies to give to the kids on the way back down at the bridge on the last turn towards the village.

The walk is now marked by UAE flags on the rocks. Keep an eye on them, otherwise you can lose your way. We lost track of them once and we ended up on a shale slide with the cliff edge a little too close for my liking and only a few solid trees to hold onto to. There were only 2 of us on that hike – lesson learned!

Having said that, its an easy walk with the path now well worn. It takes about 1.5 hours to get to the abandoned village at the end. There are remnants of the stepped irrigated land still visible where they would have grown basic hardy produce, including lemons. Amazing to think they lived so remotely, in such a stark landscape, with only their goats and the birds soaring above – and only up until 50 years ago.

Just past the village is the large cool natural rock pool. Scrambling over large boulders you soon reach the cave full of stalagmites and stalactites. After the rains it is refreshing to swim in here and cool off and rest in the shade of the cave.

There is a Via Ferrata here, accessible above the pool to the right for which you will need proper equipment and someone who is experienced. For those only wanting to do the walk, its the same route in reverse back to the cars – after enjoying the stunning setting and peacefulness of the Omani jebel.

Post on the Via Ferrata coming soon…

Jebel Shams pool     Jebel ShamsJebel Shams rim walk

Jebel Shams rock scramble