where can i buy Misoprostol over the counter We went to Luigia on Friday night having not managed to book a table at my first option (note to self, don’t leave these things to the husband!). So, we thought why not try the new kid on the block for Italian eating.

source site The immediate impression is of a cavernous space, high ceilings, bright lights and a lot of smiles. I’m not sure if I’m in the lobby for a cinema, an American diner or a bit of a mishap of interior designer hiring. Red walls and bright lettering on the walls clash with wooden lilac tables and waiters dressed up like sailors in striped shirts and hats.

buy gabapentin online usa The service is friendly and there are lots of staff milling about. They hover though, not subtly and out of sight line either, which instead makes you feel like you’re being watched and hurried. They’re trying, but the feeling isn’t of speedy service, rather it is of being rushed and intrusive.

I am not sure where the Italian dining experience comes in to play here. The atmosphere was lacking, even as the restaurant filled up throughout the latter part of the evening.

pyridium 100 mg Burrata salad

So, to the food. Burrata salad – it was ok. I prefer my cheese oozing out the middle, which makes me think it wasn’t as fresh as it could be. Zucchine trifolate was a a bowl of soggy sliced courgettes. We had high expectations of the potential for a great pizza as the wood fired pizza oven at the back of the restaurant was roaring away. Even with all that red flame heat the pizza came to our table a bit undercooked with a soggy middle. The spaghetti alle vongole was reasonably al dente but lacking in flavour so I had to season and add chilli oil for a hit of warmth.


Pizza Isolana  Luigia Spaghetti alle vongole

Instead of bringing the bill to the table they ask you to go to reception at the entrance of the restaurant. I find this odd. You then queue to pay. Generally as a diner you don’t know your table number if you’re not told, so the ladies at reception are at a loss for which bill is yours from the options in front of them. You’re also less likely to tip someone who you have had no dealings with all night. Not the best idea for a restaurant.

Overall, it was disappointingly quiet for a Friday night – and we wouldn’t go back for the food. So it wouldn’t be on our list of recommended Italians when Bice is down the road for a more upmarket option, Bussola a short cab ride, Rosso only a ten minute walk (with the added bonus of pork and a good happy hour), not to mention all the unlicensed options along JBR.

I expect its location will help it thrive with the late night traffic coming out of the various bars and clubs in the hotel, and the passing traffic that is attracted by bright lights may help its footfall.

It’s funny, after the evening I read the summary on the website and not one thing about the write up rings true for me. It is definitely not ‘first date’ material. It is not an ‘authentic Italian dining experience’ in my humble opinion; nowhere in Italy did I come across somewhere like this. Apparently it is ‘award winning’ already – this may apply to the other restaurants in the same group – but not yet to this edition…