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Escape to a clifftop Omani hideaway

is it ok to buy accutane online What more could you want from a dramatic hotel than an outdoor terrace perched on the edge of a canyon being served local delicacies, all with a stunning backdrop and idyllic peace?

buy metformin 500 mg online The drama starts at the bottom with only 4WDs allowed past the check point and you steadily climb the super steep but stunning piece of engineering that is the road up Jebel Akhdar (The Green Mountain fyi). Once you have arrived and experienced the dramatic views of the drop down to the wadis either side of the hotel that’s where the drama ends.

go I LOVE the interiors of the rooms, modern but with a definite nod towards Omani heritage with rugs and baskets etc. The biggest beds, stone bath with views of the mountains, private terrace and various other additions which I won’t spoil for you.

We wanted the best of both on this holiday – a decent hotel (that now has an alcohol licence btw) with easy access to hiking routes. Its too cold at this time of year for camping (well, for me anyway) and this suited us perfectly as it was also the weekend after Valentines😉.

And boy did I feel spoilt. The service, although on the slow side, once you get into the swing of Omani life is pleasant and non-intrusive. The outdoor pool isn’t heated, but the indoor pool makes up for that. The spa goes one step further to massage and steam your troubles away.

It was nice to get away and to switch off – and switch off you must as the wifi is diabolical!

If I had a complaint it would be other people’s children ruining the peace with their running and plunging between the different pools – but hey my name isn’t scrooge – so off hiking we went anyway with our picnic prepared by the restaurant at a moment’s notice.

The restaurant was busier than I had expected and gave it a cosy buzzing atmosphere. The food is good, the wine expensive (but that’s the same everywhere in Oman/the UAE).

There’s a good choice for breakfast and with coffee and tea top ups why move anywhere except to grab your book, pretend to read and stay a bit longer staring at the view…




    • thepeckishexplorer

      7th August 2016 at 10:59 AM

      It’s up the top of Jebel Akhdar, past the Sayq Plateau, which is in the Hajjar Mountain range of Oman.

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