where can i get robaxin We have been talking about it for quite some time. Going round and round about when we should go, who is keen to actually do it, how we should go about it, which route should we choose, would we prefer to do tents or huts, who should we book with etc etc

http://ppmhydroponique.ca/categorie-produit/canna/?add-to-cart=20662 And so it has finally been decided that we will go early next year. Yes, we’re going to tackle one of the seven summits, higher than base camp at Everest – go Kilimanjaro.

Scared? Yes!

Excited? Definitely!

Ready to take on a serious challenge? Absolutely!

And so we have agreed that to ensure we do it the best way we can we should be as fit as we can possibly be. We know that fitness is not a precluder to being able to summit, as until you get there you can’t know if the altitude will affect you or not. But we’re going to exclude all the fitness reasons for not summiting by ensuring we are well trained to do this.

Its way too hot in Dubai at the moment for any outdoor hiking. As soon as the cooler months start, we’ll be trekking up any mountain in the region to walk our boots in and get used to long days of walking uphill. Good excuse to also get out and about, keep fit without going to the gym and spend the weekends with friends out of the city.

So, I’m heading into the gym to make use of this scary-looking step machine (it even has a fan!).